OS version: Fedora 39th

My Computer Story with Passion

I was both at an ordinary village in west of China, it's the edge of
central plain, nearby the west mountains. There is a beautiful reiver
and many hills, children need to work in field with their parents
after going back from school. Parents didn't have too much time to
care our mind, activities and study. They are busy to make a living.

There are less chance to really play real computer in my childhood.
I even didn't hear someone in our village has computer until went to
high school. But we play games with small family computer, even image
to design game with that, but never try. I also watched some TV
program of office cource on DOS.

I started to learn computer in high school, that's really wonderful
time. Our teacher gave us many external time to play computer, such as
the lunch time, supper time. A few people played simple games, but I
and some buddies stduy the software in the computer without internet,
tried something mentioned by friends who have computer in
home. Everything is crazy and exciting.

Internet is already popular around me when I started play computer in
high school, but I still didn't go to Internet bar until the end of
second year in high school, that's an evil place in the words of
parents and most teachers.

There were some intern teachers from ShaanXi normal univestiry, they
brought us many fresh thoughts, staffs and passions. We try to contact
by BBS, IM (QQ), Email, etc. I didn't take too much time than others
in Internet, but I still investigated a lot technology stuffs there,
such as uploading photos from Camer to QQ network disk, etc.

After went to computer science of University, we almost used computer
everyday, we are still not allowed to have computer in sleep
room. Actually my roommate had a old laptop, it's a little bit slow,
but the screen of Windows 2000 looks very professional and kind, I
cloud play it any time. I studied to create website, but never
successeded to build a dynamic environment, just static web pages. We
learned C programming, I also learned basic, even used that to help
mentor on thesis in the second year, what a joke!

I touched Ubuntu Linux in the second year of University after joined
in a Linux User Group in 2006, and bought my own computer by 2600 RMB.
Another joke was I always went to shop to buy mp3/mp4, computer for
friends, but I never have that, just because I got best score of
computer in the first year, most of stuffs are related with Microsoft

The first Fedora release I used is Fedora Core 5 that's recommended by
Xiaowei Zhou, It's beautiful and unstable, the installation and
upgrade broke me a lot. The first software I built from source is
kmplayer with MengShu.

After gradulated from University in 2019, I joined in Red Hat
(Beijing), and work on Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) project.

Right now I'm working on Opensource NoSQL database -- Scylla.


Sep 28, 2019